Career Coaching: What Is It?

Career Coaching is a modality aimed at guidance and direction focusing on changing performance and promoting the necessary transformations to make the development and achievement of that dreamed professional goal possible. A career coach can help in many ways, whether choosing which college to follow or exercising leadership in your work environment. To better understand this specialization, we need to know in depth some important topics. Check it out below!

What Is a Career?

As part of a broad field of action and choices, when discussing a career with a career change coach for example, we can keep in mind several definitions — which vary within the coaching modality according to the coachee’s needs. The most general definition says a career is how professions, occupations, and professional vocations are presented. However, another definition says that a career can be aimed at the progress and qualitative development of attitudes and actions, which can be taken through a long professional career in a specific area.

A career in coaching means a process experienced by all people who seek development, whether for the possibility of choosing which course to follow at the university, which occupation they intend to be in the long term, or how to develop interpersonal skills of ​​expertise, among others. That is a hybrid approach to this definition.

What Does A Career Coach Do?

The performance of professionals in career coaching can help the person seeking help to:

  • Visualize and stay on course in creating concrete plans for finding a job;
  • Prioritize and develop the steps that consist of these actions;
  • Effective networking;
  • Prepare for interviews, whether professional or academic.

In the items listed above, the professional career coach offers knowledge and a fresh perspective on needed and desired development. Therefore, the coaching person will also pay attention to the capacity and responsibility of the people who hire this type of service for their defined goals and even the desired and achieved results.

Importance Of Career Coaching!

The career coaching modality is a very important ally for all people seeking greater performance or an ideal profession based on valuing personal skills and their goals. Seeking results through resources and techniques aimed at the behavioral and human areas, the professional coaching person values ​​and follows the path of professional and personal development, thus allowing better performance and capacity so that qualitative and transformative results are possible to construct the trajectory professionally. All customer achievements of a professional career coaching person will only be possible through an action plan — which, if well consolidated, can generate very satisfactory results!

Opting for help from a professional career coach can also mean support and development of skills, mostly discovered through sessions and methodologies that make it possible to visualize important points to be improved and maximize results.