Buy Plate Freezer and Freezing Systems

Another widely used type of freezer in the industry is called Plate freezers which are designed to freeze packaged products. Plate freezers are meant to direct contact with refrigerant. Therefore, the refrigerant is pushed to circulate inside thin channels within the plates where the goods to be frozen are placed. The goods to be frozen are pressed between the plates to allow more space and thorough contact with refrigerant. This way, high heat transfer rates could be acquired between the goods and the refrigerant plates.

With large quantities of products or goods to be frozen with extreme benefits and on time, Industrial freezing is here with the recommendations of our pre-owned plate freezers. We offer stainless-steel exterior or interior of the freezer which is bound to ensure optimal hygiene in your processing facility. With these considerations, you can build the pace of your freezing needs and your supply line would never face a delay. Not only this, but Industrial Freezing offers you the wide array of variations in plate freezers including Vertical plate freezers and Horizontal plate freezers with specialties, different operating environments, operating needs, modes, and economical operative measures.

Guarantee of our serviceability

These considerations are the guarantee of our serviceability and durability of products. Being operational and dealing with freezing technology for several years, Industrial Freezing knows plate freezing technology with thorough knowledge and expertise. If you are looking for a plate freezer solution for your industrial needs, or if you need expert advice on which freezer suits your production best, Industrial Freezing is here to help you go through every option and let you chose what is going to be best for your freezing needs.

A plate freezer with guarantees of wear and tear protection checked for potential faults and parts working, revised and replaced everything that is out of pace, and runs smoothly, meeting all your requirements is what Industrial Freezing is offering to you with its expertise and team of professionals. If you are planning to purchase a used plate freezing system or with enough budget, planning to opt for a new one, we have covered you in every scenario. We have solutions according to your production processes with the guarantee of durability, pre-diagnosed for assessment of work, and overhauled if needed.

Passion and honesty

We do it with passion and honesty. We value our collaboration with the client and not the profit we are going to make. Because we believe in client retention policy rather than just making a profit and never getting back to any collaboration with the client in the future. Since our inception, we believe in building ties. That is why we have international connections and client across the globe that trust us and consult us in every need they have regarding freezing technologies.

If you are looking for a plate freezing solution for your freezing needs, don’t hesitate. Just give us a call at +31 74 23 40 001 and our customer support will reach out to you with expert solutions and advice.