Blunders to avoid after car crash in Fort Wayne

Car crashes, accidents, and collisions are all too common on Indiana roads. In 2019, more than 800 people lost their lives to fatal motor vehicle accidents in the state. People often have no idea how to deal with the aftermath of such accidents. As a result, they often end up making mistakes that eventually impact their personal injury claims. If you ever get injured in such an accident, consider talking to a car crash lawyer Fort Wayne as soon as possible. Also, avoid these mistakes listed below. 

  1. Not reporting the accident. Do NOT run away from the accident scene, and assume that you don’t need to stay back because you were not at fault. After a crash, wait for the police to arrive, and if someone hasn’t informed a law enforcement agency yet, do that immediately.
  2. Apologizing and accepting fault. Even if you had a role in the crash, don’t say anything to anyone after the accident. You have the right to remain silent and wait for your lawyer to intervene. Any apology may work against you, and the other party may shift the blame. 
  3. Not gathering evidence. Sometimes, a serious car crash may leave no room for you to take evidence and photos. However, if you are in an okay state, consider gathering as much information as you can. Take photos of damaged vehicles, your injuries, and the accident site. Also, take contact details of all other people associated with the crash, including witnesses. 
  4. Trusting the claims adjuster. If the at-fault driver’s insurance company knows that their client is at fault, they may make an initial offer soon. The claims adjuster will try and talk to you, and this is often their window to find a reason to deny, delay, or minimize claims. Don’t believe that the claims adjuster is on your side. 
  5. Not calling an attorney. There are many law firms that deal with car accident claims and lawsuits in Fort Wayne. If not from the site of accident, consult an attorney as soon as you feel better. Hiring a lawyer is not mandatory, but can be a big factor for getting the right settlement.

Finally, ensure that you don’t share anything about the accident on social media. Parties with vested interests may try to get a statement, so always let your lawyer take things ahead for you. Your attorney will work with the claims adjuster as needed, to maximize your settlement.