Free Android Live TV and Movies App

One of the most popular on demand video streaming service. The best alternative to replace your traditional cable TV. Browse the movies you like and watch in your free time. Never get bored. Entertain to the fullest in your free time.

We all like to watch television. TV series, movies, news, sports and so on. Normally we are using our cable TV. But are you fully satisfied with the cable TV? At every time is there an ability to watch the program you like? Or do you like each and every program airing? Definitely the answer should be No. Because most of the programs telecasting on our TVs do not meet our expectations or demands. Therefore, now we are moving to new way of watching TV. The video streaming services are now replacing our cable TV. Pluto TV is one such streaming services. Which offers so many things to watch.

Free Movies app from Play Store

Is it free?Yes, the app is completely free. No need to provide credit cards information. 100% free app.   But here you have to watch some advertisements also on the go. Because as this is free it is supported by the ads. But the ads are very short and only few are there when compared with your traditional cable TV. No need to worry about these ads so much because this gives you all most all the things you need to watch.

You can install this app on any Android TV box, Fire TV using your default app store. For example, Play Store for Android TV and Amazon App Store Fire TV devices. If not, you can use third party TV stores like Filelinked or Aptoide TV too.

You can use your phone, if you don’t have a TV box and using your phone to watch movies. Easily install this app using your favorite app store like AC Market, APPVN or even using play store too.

What you can watch through Pluto TV?

This nice platform offers almost all the things your heart desires. Includes thousands of movies and TV shows for your pleasure.

You can watch live TV channels also via this app. There are around hundreds of channels. These channels can categorize in to groups like News Channels, Sports channels, entertainment channels, Kids channels, comedy channels and so on. select the channel you need to watch and there are plenty of favorite things to watch.Moreover, there are about 45 channels in Spanish language too.

If you love to watch reality shows then simply open this app in your Android.There are tons of movies and TV shows to make your free time fruitful.

Movies belonging to each and very genre are here. If you are a fan of crime movies, comedy movies, romantic movies all are there.

What your heart desire to watch each and every thing is there. No need to roam here and there to find something to watch. This offers best things for you to watch. All for free. hurry and download this nice and cool app in your Android too. Enjoy tons of movies and TV shows starting now.

You can watch HD or 4K movies easily if you have good internet connection. Some complain to have poor playback even after having a good internet connection. Having a good internet connection is enough to play HD content smoothly. Your device should be capable of handling such content. You can use performance booster application like Clean Master to boost device performance by closing other applications and tasks.