All You Need To Know About Lean Six Sigma And Its Benefits

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Six sigma is a set of tools and methods that are involved in process management. Individuals, as well as companies, are making use of six sigma methods to improve the operational efficiency of the business. In order to renovate your business process and improve your capabilities as a team leader, the six sigma certification provides you with the essential framework to go about the same. Together with Six Sigma you can also use other of the best time management apps that you can use to stay alert and focused in doing your work

The certification involves 3 levels of training: the yellow belt for beginners, the green belt for people who are part of a team and the black belt for project leaders. Through these levels of training, an individual or a team can gradually learn this optimization process.

The benefits of having six sigma certified team members and leaders in the organization are as follows:

1) Increased productivity

One of the major benefits of making use of lean six sigma techniques is to increase the productivity levels of the employees. Organizations that implement six sigma strategies find out that the operational efficiency of the organization improves over a period of time and better communication channels reduce the lead time to get the work done.

2) Improved quality

Improved working efficiency and accuracy, quality controls and better compliance levels are some of the aspects that help to improve the quality of work at the business.

3) Reduced operation cost

Operational costs are omnipresent and the risk associated with running a business cannot be eliminated. The operating costs of businesses determine whether they will be having a profit or suffering a loss at the end of the year and hence, implementing the right six sigma strategies will be beneficial in the long run for the company.

4) Higher customer satisfaction

One important aspect of implementing six sigma is focusing on the needs of the customer and thereby creating levels of customer satisfaction that will create long term relationships. The customer is the king and should be treated with the same level of reverence. 

5) Improved communication among team members

Communication is the key to make things work at the end of the day. The improved levels of communication help to reduce the time taken to get a particular amount of work done. 

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