A Guide To Finding The Right Delivery Company In Singapore

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, individuals and businesses had to figure out how to send and receive everything they needed and wanted while staying safe indoors. Nowadays, people cannot just walk into a store without minding crowded streets and long lines to shop for goods. Business owners cannot accept a bulk of their customers either like how they used to years ago. Everyone had to take necessary precautions and keep themselves safe when going out to get or provide something because of the dangers brought by COVID-19. Thankfully, delivery service providers in Singapore are ready and willing to assist individuals in transporting various items of all shapes and sizes to people who need them.


What Are Delivery Companies?

Delivery company partners were in Singapore decades before the coronavirus crisis happened. Both small or big-named businesses use them to ship various items from one place to another. They hire logistics professionals to transport their products from their production site to their distributors. Shipping experts also provide delivery solutions for brands that need their products dropped off at their customers’ addresses. Some enterprises even hire delivery personnel to move their equipment from one of their branches to another. Meanwhile, individuals use logistics services to ship documents and gifts to their loved ones throughout the state.


Do You Need Delivery Companies?

Nowadays, shipping companies still have the same purpose for businesses and individuals—which is to transport everything they need to places where they must be. However, their services are more prevalent nowadays because of the COVID-19 situation of the state. But aside from slowing down coronavirus transmission, what are the advantages of getting a package or parcel delivery service in Singapore?

Whether you are an entrepreneur diligently serving their customers or a person sending a token of love and appreciation to a loved one, the solutions offered by a delivery company in Singapore can help you save time and effort in shipping goods. They can also help you conserve money since you do not have to worry about paying for public transport fees or gas when sending items to someone. Your package can also arrive quicker through logistics services compared to when you are delivering them yourself.


Tips For Hiring A Delivery Company

But before you work with a delivery service provider in Singapore, you need to keep a few things in mind to have a successful relationship with them. Follow these ten tips when looking for and hiring a shipping partner to ensure that your goods will be sent and received efficiently and safely:

Think About The Fees

Every delivery company in Singapore offers their services at different rates. While some logistics partners provide shipping solutions at a lower price point than others, you cannot assume that you can receive the best delivery assistance from them. Before working with a shipping company, make sure to look for different options and compare their fees to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth.

Remember The Delivery Speed

If you need to send or receive something urgently, your courier partner should be able to ship your item within a few hours—or even minutes. When booking a delivery with them, check if their parcel or document delivery service in Singapore has same-day options or even same-hour features if you need your package as soon as possible.

Inquire About The Delivery Range

Singapore is a relatively small sovereign city-state compared to other places in Asia. However, some courier companies cannot ship goods to specific locations inside and outside the state. To ensure that your package will arrive at its destination, ask about the shipping range of a delivery service partner in Singapore before hiring them.

Ask About Package Restrictions

Nowadays, you can transport anything from one area to another. Whether you are shipping an itty bitty pair of earrings to a bulky wardrobe, you can hire a delivery company in Singapore to hand them over to their receivers. However, some couriers have package weight and size limitations. Make sure to inquire about those details before working with them.

Inspect The Packaging Options

Some couriers allow their customers to pack their items before handing them to riders. But sometimes, a shipping company will provide the box or parcel when you get their delivery service in Singapore. Before letting them encase your item in their packaging, make sure it is sturdy and secure.

Consider The Tracking Features

If you are availing of a document delivery service in Singapore to send a file to a nearby location, tracking features may not be significant for you. However, some individuals and business owners like to trail their goods through courier-provided applications to keep them updated about the whereabouts of their parcel—which makes tracking features a must-have for them.

Observe Their Customer Service

The staff of your logistics partner should also have a pleasing personality. They should treat their clients with respect and accommodate their every shipping need. If their customer wants to avail of their parcel delivery service in Singapore within a given time, they should do what it takes to make it happen.

Look For Testimonials

Reading reviews and hearing testimonials of former customers of your preferred delivery company in Singapore will help you gauge their expertise and approach. It can also help you dodge untrustworthy logistics partners who do not observe care when handling packages or conversing with senders and receivers. By asking around about your chosen logistics company, you can immediately know if you are making the right choice of working with them.

Check For Courier Insurance

Courier insurance keeps the delivery service provider in Singapore liable for the goods they transport. If your item gets lost while stored in a warehouse or transit to drop-off points, your shipping partner can cover its costs. In most cases, the same terms will apply to damaged items due to mishandling during land, air, sea, or rail shipments.

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