A Closer look at the Choices you have for Business Signs

Business signs are not just there to show where your physical location is, they also are a very effective means of promoting your services or products. You can spread brand awareness to your target audience with the right kind of signs. They come in a variety of types, purposes, shapes, and sizes too. You can get metals signs such as A-frames, fabric and vinyl signs like banners, or illuminated signs like using channel letters for signs Los Angeles, or where you are. That names just a few. To decide what signs to have you need to decide what your needs are from them, where they are positioned and be informed about the sign type options out there. Then you can find a signage maker that can get you the best results. Here is a closer look at some of those options.

Fabric and vinyl banners

There is a huge range of options when it comes to fabric and vinyl banners and signs. You can have them in regular square or rectangular shapes but then can also have them custom shaped. Whether you hang them from the ceiling or attach them to a wall they are great interior signs, or they can be hung outside too. Hire a custom sign maker to help with the design and get across the message that is important to you.

Metal frames

For outdoor signs, there are a variety of metal frame sign options including the yard sign style and the A-frame. You can put them on the sidewalk outside your business and take them with you to trade shows and such. They are great because they are versatile, durable and portable so they remain looking professional for years to come.

Electrical signs

Signs that are electrical are a huge bonus when you want to advertise at night. Illuminated signs Los Angeles, are everywhere. There are all kinds of electrical business signs, with different lighting options, like LED and neon for example.

  1. Cabinet signs – The cabinet uses Lexan or acrylic for the sign’s face, and the graphics used are either digital vinyl or translucent cut vinyl. If you want gradations in the graphics and multi-colors then the digital vinyl is best. If you want solid colors then the translucent cut vinyl is best. The cabinet sign can be in different shapes and colors.
  2. Push through cabinet – Another type of illuminated signs Los Angeles, are the push through cabinet sign. These are called push through because the logo and letters used push through the face made of aluminum coming out of the sign by about ¾”. The material made from acrylic that pushes though can be colored and then vinyl applied over the top can also add another effect. As this one requires welding the face to the cabinet, it is a permanent sign, not one you can change.
  3. Channel letter signs – They cut the letters individually as is the logo. The smallest height of a letter can be 4.5” tall. There is some limit in using these types of letters for channel letters for signs Los Angeles. You can also use translucent vinyl on the letters or acrylic colors for each letter’s face.