8 Designer Furniture Pieces In Singapore For Your Next Home Makeover

Home decorating is no easy task. It is one of the most crucial stages of renovations that involves long hours of research and selection. With an overwhelming amount of furniture pieces sold in physical and digital marketplaces, it can be stressful to pick a few sets that speak your character. While ready-to-assemble tables and chairs remain a popular and competitive choice for many individuals, designer furniture is an option for Singapore homeowners who wish for bespoke items that reflect their unique styles.

Luxury furniture in Singapore has something that typical couches and desks do not have. If householders like you decide to pick these one-of-a-kind designer pieces, they can reflect your creativity and individuality in ways that their store-bought counterparts cannot achieve. These brands steer away from ordinary designs and incorporate standout elements into every piece, ensuring that you score furniture that you cannot find anywhere else.

To help you embellish a sanctuary filled with items that speak to you, here are eight designer furniture pieces available in Singapore:

Modular Sofa

A modular sofa in Singapore marries style and ergonomics into one customisable piece of furniture. You can wind down any way you want by arranging and rearranging individual pieces until you find the perfect layout that matches your living room style. Modular couches typically come in L-shapes that you can configure by adding sections to increase seating capacity.

Every modular sofa in Singapore differs in style—but they are versatile enough to match various themes. Plain polyester couches with leather accent sections are perfect for minimalist and modern luxury interiors, while deep blue L-shaped sofas with grid blind tufting are ideal for retro designs.

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/mt0SBWq/plain-lounge-chair-with-an-upholstered-backrest-and-seat.png” alt=”plain-lounge-chair-with-an-upholstered-backrest-and-seat” border=”0″></a>

Lounge Chair

No living room is complete without an accent chair made from the finest Singapore materials. If your modular sofa does not provide enough seating for your massive group of friends and family members, lounge chairs provide an effective and stylish solution.

In picking an accent chair for your Singapore living space, you must consider its comfort and functionality aside from its style. It should make your guests feel comfortable and welcome to your home while complementing the looks of the other items in your lounge.


Coffee Table

Pair the modular sofa and accent chair in your Singapore home with a bespoke coffee table that will change your living room experience. You have a wide range of differently-sized, coloured, and designed tables that will spark a conversation over a cup of coffee with your guests.

In picking a coffee table, think about how its size and shape will affect the layout of your living space. You should also consider its style and material and ask yourself if it matches the lounge chair and modular sofa you bought in Singapore.


Dining Furniture

Make daily family dinners extra special with timeless luxury furniture sets from Singapore. From compact round tables that encourage intimate meals to elongated surfaces that keep the conversation going from one family member to another, you have the choice to pick an exquisite dining table that suits your family size and habits.

Meanwhile, your dining seat is vital in making a comfortable bonding experience over hearty meals. It should not only match your other designer dining furniture from Singapore, but it must be cosy enough to accommodate long hours of catching up at the end of a tiring day.



Buffet and credenza styles must not be left out when redesigning a room. A few luxury storage pieces of furniture in Singapore combine form and function in one through their spacious design and eye-catching style. They can hold your precious tableware and serve as an art piece at the same time.

Like coffee tables, sideboards should flatter the dining table or accent chair in your humble Singapore banquet. It can either match, accentuate, or compliment every furniture, fixture, and decoration without compromising its capacity.


Bed Frame

With luxury bedroom furniture in Singapore like bed frames, you can finally sleep soundly in style. Built with solid hardwood that fixes onto your bed, various headboard and frame collections in the city are sturdy enough to last for generation after generation. Its solid engineered wood and metal framework and slats are paired with lush upholstery that guarantees a good night’s sleep.

You can match these bed frames with other deluxe furniture items, such as benches and accent chair pieces from Singapore. Aside from giving finishing touches to your relaxing bedroom, these elements add an enhanced feeling of comfort, which is what you need after a long day at work.


Vanity Console

Start your day right by giving pep talks and dressing yourself up in front of a magnificent vanity table that highlights your best features. This designer furniture is essential for Singapore working women who like to practise self-care through beautification.

Vanity sets often come with an accent chair that lets ladies in Singapore feel comfortable as they do their make-up. You can even hook up a few lightbulbs around its mirror since getting ready in the dark is a pain. Vanity consoles come in various sizes, but pieces with a wide surface area can hold every beauty product you need in doing your morning routine.


Writing Desk

Now that we are in a world where working from home is the new norm, having a writing desk in a Singapore abode is essential. Hard workers like you will use it daily, so having a comfortable surface with a lasting style is vital in building a conducive work environment.

Wood is one of the best choices in picking a writing desk in Singapore for its sturdiness and versatility. Lumber tables suit almost every style you have in mind and are ideal for individuals who like changing themes every few months. Some desk variants even feature leather writing surfaces that bring utility and grandeur to users, motivating them to work efficiently.

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