5 Advantages of Opting D&B iAccess for your Business


D&B iAccess is the most comprehensive Indian business listing offered by Dun & Bradstreet, the leading provider of business data and analytics. It offers the largest database of MSMEs that provides all the information you need on one platform. It is one of the trusted platforms that sources Indian company information from 100 authentic sources, approved by its own stringent data governance guidelines. There are several advantages of using iAccess, which we will be discussing in this blog to help you unlock the potential of this tool. So, stay tuned to know everything about iAccess. 

  1. Risk Management: Whether you are onboarding a new business entity or evaluating existing partnerships, D&B iAccess is a helpful platform to check up on them and assess the risk associated with them. Be it financial, legal or any other type of business risk, you can assess any business to the core with all the Indian company information on the platform.  
  2. Sales & Marketing: Finding business leads becomes easy for the sales and marketing team with D&B iAccess’ Prospect feature. For efficient targeting, this function of the tool helps you narrow down your search using multiple filters such as, city, company size, industry and so on. After segmenting the market, the sales and marketing can assess the entities, formulate strategies to convert potential prospects into loyal customers. 
  3. Compliance Management: D&B iAccess’ online compliance checks gives your business access to a watch list of more than 1 million potential red flag entities which you can check before you engage with them. This kind of Indian company information reduces risk and allows you to collaborate with many different businesses across the country. 
  4. Continuous Health Check: The best part about D&B iAccess is that you can continuously monitor the lifecycle of business entities at any time. This eliminates the surprise elements at the time of downtime of your business partners and peers, in fact, it helps you in proactively plan and prepare for the same. You also receive periodic alerts on the chosen records, which lets you stay ahead of the curve in the decision-making process. 
  5. Updated Information: What sets D&B iAccess apart from the rest of Indian company information database platforms is that it regularly updates the database, giving you real-time information on each entity. This helps you find clients that suit your business. From ownership details and organisational structure to financial and legal information, you receive updates about everything.

D&B iAccess: Get Indian Company Information at your Fingertips 

D&B iAccess can be accessed from any web user interface, as well as has an Open API interface with which you can directly integrate within customers’ systems for precise, efficient and faster decision making. So, to ascertain the existence, credibility of a business entity for various business purposes, you can rely on D&B iAccess. It is an easy to access, single resource for both organisations and individuals who are interested in retrieving information on specific or various commercial entities.