3 Colour Palettes Used by Eyebrow Embroidery Artists in Singapore

Microblading your brows adds colour, shape, and fullness. An eyebrow microblading artist at studios in Singapore can base the colour pigments on a client’s skin tone. The colour palettes eyebrow studios use to build their hues on light, medium, and dark complexion types to select the optimal brow colour.

#1 Cool

The cool palette includes eyebrow hues perfect for folks with fair skin and rosy complexions. It has a mild ash-grey or even green to ultramarine blue overtones for its hues and contains no traces of red pigmentation. The cool palette provides a soft blonde or light brown colour when used in eyebrow embroidery for clients in Singapore and overseas.

#2 Neutral

People with fair complexions can wear colours from a neutral palette. They are preferable for people with deeper undertones. The neutral hues of this palette feature a hint of red pigmentation. It integrates well when used on eyeliner or eyebrow embroidery clients in Singapore with deeper complexion tones. However, it can be too prominent on the fairest skin tones.

#3 Warm

A warm palette is a group of brow colours for those with a darker complexion. Most brow embroidery clients in Singapore that fit warm tones best have olive, umber, or chocolate undertones. Skin complexions that tans readily suit the eyebrow hues in this palette.

Most brow colours match the client’s skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour. However, the final effect you and your brow artist are after can also influence the colour selection. Most artists use colours in the neutral or warm palette range for a more solid brow design. If you prefer lighter individual hair strokes, your eyebrow microblading artist in Singapore may recommend a colour from another palette range.

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