What Must You Do When Your Citizenship Application Got Rejected in Singapore?

Singapore Citizenship Application Rejected & How to Appeal

We know that in every ending there is a new beginning. Most immigrants agree to that when they move and apply for PR to citizenship in Singapore. They wish to start a new life not only for themselves but also for their children. However, no matter how hopeful they are, things could not go well as planned.

You see, thousands of people got their citizenship application rejected by ICA of Singapore. It means that you are not alone in this matter. There are others, too, who are experiencing your situation. Therefore, do not just give up yet since there is still a chance of getting your application approved.

So, What Must You Do After Your Citizenship Application Got Rejected by ICA of Singapore?

Before you file a complaint to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), you have to know what went wrong with your citizenship application. Besides asking yourself, it would be a good idea to double-check all the required documents. You never know you might have misspelt some details on the forms you submitted. Or you missed attaching a few requirements.

What Are the Reasons Why You Got a Rejection Letter from Your PR to Citizenship Application in Singapore?

Well, in any case, ICA reviews all applications using this set of criteria. If you fail to comply in one,  you are less likely to get approval. So, be sure to keep an eye of the following.

  • Education Level
    • The diploma you got from your bachelors, masters or doctorates plays a crucial role in your citizenship application. It would serve as proof that you could do something to improve the economy of Singapore. In short, your skills and knowledge could help society to its development.
  • Employment History
    • Besides, ICA will also take note of your past and current employment. They would want to guarantee that you can stay and live well in Singapore. Therefore, you must have a stable income if you want your application to be approved right away.
  • Length of You Stay in Singapore
    • Before the ICA let you stay in Singapore for good, they would need to know if you already adapted how Singaporeans live. The number of days you have been staying here would determine if you become accustomed to it.
  • Existing Family Ties
    • Lastly, the ICA will check if you have other relatives staying here in Singapore for good. They see if they are naturally born here or got the residency permanent. Nevertheless, make sure to let them know if you have one and clarify your relationship with them.

Other Reasons Why You Probably Got Rejected

  • Misinterpretation
    • It often happens to those people who misread the citizenship form when they apply in Singapore. Usually, these applicants are from a different country, and they are not fluent in English. Therefore, they often misinterpret what the details are written on the form and skip it since they do not know what it means.

If this happened to you, make sure to ask others who are fluent in English. Let them explain what those words mean. So, you can fill-up the form well.

  • Health Condition
    • You may know how to speak in English well, but ICA also needs to know your health condition. They want to see whether you are healthy or sick. You see, some health conditions may result in rejection. So, to not let that happen, undergo a medical examination first.
  • Criminal Background
    • Besides your health, the ICA will also run a background about you. That way, they can rest assured that you have not committed any crime in your home country.
  • Missing a Deadline
    • Singapore is quite strict with deadlines. So, if you miss submitting your PR to citizenship application in Singapore, expect a possible rejection from them. Well, of course, to not let such things happen, be sure to take note of the submission end date.

What Should You Do Next After You Receive a Rejection?

Once you receive a rejection letter from your citizenship application in Singapore, there are two options you could either take. To file an appeal or submit a new application. Listed below are the details of each option.

  • OPTION A: File an Appeal
    • You can only do so if you have not received any update within six months ever since you submitted your application.
    • Also, make sure to submit a PR letter format of appeal along with your application in Singapore.
  • OPTION B: Submit a New Application
    • You could only re-apply a citizenship form in Singapore after six months. That is after the rejected date of your previous application.
  • If your legal status changes, you only have a short time to re-apply. However, preferably you must have a stable job or income.
  • There should be changes or additional information included in your application. Otherwise, your requests would be at risk of rejection.

Whatever you choose between the two, you have to verify first the reasons why you got rejected. That way, you would not waste your chance of becoming a PR in Singapore.

Do You Need Help With Your Citizenship Application in Singapore?

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Got More Questions About Why Your Citizenship Application Got Rejected by ICA of Singapore?

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