What Are The Pros And Cons of Using Aluminium Frames?

When it comes to renovation and remodelling projects, there’s nothing more important to interior design than the type of materials that you will use. The kinds of materials that you will use to enhance your spaces will determine the appearance of your interiors, how easily they can be maintained, how much you need to spend on remodelling and more.

Have you spent some time deliberating on what kind of materials you want to use on windows, doors, and screens? In today’s world, modern buildings and homes emphasise the importance of wide, open spaces that let in natural light for brightening up a room. Windows, doors, and screens can give a simplistic yet beautiful appearance that can make enclosed spaces feel much larger. Take, for example, the humble shower screen in your Singapore bathroom. Instead of curtains, for example, glass screens are used as protection in shower areas because clear glass can both protect your bathrooms from water and also give you a clear view of the inside at the same time.

Aluminium: a popular window and screen material

Now that we know the importance of windows, doors, and other openings in your home and how your materials can influence your interiors, you should be comparing different types of materials and how they hold up against others. When it comes to window and screen frames, you have a wealth of options to choose from.

Here are a few solid materials used in the frames of windows, screens, and even doors:

  • Hardwood
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Fibreglass
  • Metal

Of the fifth choice, aluminium is one of the most popular and commonly used metals today. Before, they have been used more in commercial settings, like offices or reception lobbies. But as more and more homeowners embrace the minimalist look that aluminium provides, it’s becoming a great choice for your houses. Now, you can find several choices for an aluminium window or door in Singapore.

Are you considering using aluminium for your windows, doors, and other places in your interior? You should do your research on the material before you purchase aluminium frames for your house.

Properties of aluminium

Aluminium is used widely in building materials because of its intrinsic properties. There are some unique or superior features of aluminium that make them preferable to other types of materials. Here are a few reasons why people would choose an aluminium sliding door in Singapore as opposed to, say, any other type of material.

1) Aluminium frames can be built less bulky.  Aluminium is a very strong material that can handle a lot of stress. If you observe an aluminium window in Singapore, you’ll notice that its frame can be much slimmer than a similarly sized wooden window. That means you can maximise the size of your window panes, giving you a better view.

2) Aluminium frames can be safe and secure. Remember how aluminium is a very strong, sturdy material, despite being lightweight? Then that means that using aluminium for your entrances is a great choice if you want to secure your home. Couple that with high-quality security systems, and you won’t have to worry about trespassers.

3) Aluminium frames are efficient and environmentally friendly. Compared to other materials used in frames such as vinyl, aluminium is more effective at things like thermal regulation. Aluminium frames are also 100% recyclable, unlike artificial materials for frames.

4) Aluminium frames don’t require as much care. Aluminium is used in a framed shower screen for a Singapore bathroom. Unlike wood, which may need polish and some care for the material to stay pristine, cleaning aluminium is as simple as needing a wipedown. It can stand for years without any serious maintenance services.

The pros and cons of using aluminium in frames


Aside from these basic properties of aluminium, are there any reasons you should be using aluminium in your new home? Why not be the judge of that and see some of the pros and cons of using aluminium? Check out some advantages and disadvantages of using aluminium in your window or door frames.


One of the biggest pros for using an aluminium window in Singapore is that aluminium is a relatively affordable option for the features that it provides. Compare it to wood and fibreglass, which may look classier but are more expensive. You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you decide to go for aluminium frames. Not only do they last longer, but they’re also much easier to maintain. Another great advantage that aluminium windows have are the sheer variety of styles that you can find them in. Even if aluminium is an extremely hardy material that can stand the test of time, it can also be shaped into pieces and custom fit for your window spaces, making them a much more secure fit than wooden frames.


Ever wanted to have aluminium windows by the sea? You may need to skip them. One of the biggest problems plaguing aluminium windows is that they’re incredibly prone to corrosion. When exposed to salts and other minerals, your precious aluminium windows can corrode. Oxidation is also a common problem that you need to take care of. It can cause your windows to rust over time. And another big concern (if you’re the type to care a lot about appearances) is that aluminium may appear less attractive than similar wooden frames for your windows. They do not have the classic, refined look of wooden windows.

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