Useful apps and services you need if you work with text or documents a lot

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When it comes to choosing a service or a program that will help you ,make your work or studying process more efficient, there is typically a lot to choose from. Even though the process of making a choice can be very hard, you should definitely read more before you make a decision. Here is the list of a few services you should definitely take into consideration. The most popular services for document management are Evernote, Microsoft OneNote and Google Keep. Here is a detailed overview of each of them.

There is no doubt that you have heard a lot about Evernote. This service as well as the app can be used for pretty much anything when it comes to creating lists, managing documents, sorting them into different categories and so on. Perhaps, students at undergraduate business schools even use this app to help them keep everything in order. What is vital to mention is that there exists the Evernote Business version. The information is stored in the cloud which means that you and your team can access it anywhere and from any device. There are tons of tools that help you store and organize various documents, as well as find them easily whenever required. In addition, the whole team can work on one document at the same time.

Speaking about Microsoft OneNote, it is also a very useful tool in terms of document management. If you decide to use it, collaborating on the same project will get much simpler. What is more, the tool is rather effective for anyone studying at school, college or university, especially when you have got a group project you need to finish. Apart from that, teachers can use it to share their materials from university courses with their whole class. There is such feature as Content Library to which a teacher can add documents while a student has the opportunity to view them on their own laptop or personal computer. Teachers can add or remove students who can view the documents.