Use introduction to grab the reader’s attention

If you want to create a good article or essay for the assignment or to use it as a reference while applying to professional essay writing services as an author, you have to know how to create interesting hooks that can keep the attention of the reader from the very beginning. It may sound difficult and confusing but there are some actual tips on how to acquire or improve such a useful writing skill. This article will get into the details of this topic.

Ways to make the introduction more interesting

Introduction is arguably the most important part of the text because it sets the scene and shows the main topic and purpose of the whole piece. More details on the topic here:

Tips on how to write better introductions:

  • Use rhetorical questions or controversial statements to involve the reader in the virtual discussion or the thinking process. It will make him or her to stick till the very end to find out the final point.
  • Take advantage of some statistics and numbers, if it is possible. It will not only enhance the credibility of the text, but also give readers a clearer view on the problems you touch in the article. However, try not to abuse this type of data not to turn the essay into scientific magazine.
  • Make sure you use some relevant quotations to make the introduction more colorful and interesting. You can build the rest of it based on that saying. Do not forget to point out its author and discuss it a little bit.

Bottom line

A huge part of the success of the article depends on its introduction. It is important not only to outline the main idea of the text but also to grab the readers’ attention in it.