How to Look for the Perfect Sofa in Singapore

Are you planning to renovate and refurbish your home? It may be challenging at first because you have many choices online. From designer furniture to minimalist style, it is confusing to look at what will suit your preference. For instance, sofas come in different types such as fabric sofa, modular sofa, I-shape sofa and leather sofa in Singapore. With these choices, there are possibilities that you’ll choose the wrong furniture for your home. Hence, be diligent when shopping for furniture.

A day may come when you feel tired looking for the perfect furniture. However, remember that your effort may be worth it at the end of the day. Fortunately, you can buy online furniture in Singapore if you want to revamp your home this month. Furthermore, allow this article to help you find the best designer furniture to start your renovation.

Tips When Buying a Sofa

When you buy designer furniture, such as a sofa or couch, it is an investment. Hence, make a good decision when looking for your sofa because one may use it for many years. Keep in mind that there are many sofas, including fabric sofa, modular sofa or I-shape sofa. But, in the end, your personal preference will still matter. On top of that, sofa quality is also essential. Therefore, before buying during a sofa sale, follow the tips below to find the perfect sofa for your home.


Sofa Size

Your effort of finding the best sofa will be futile if it doesn’t fit your home. Of course, the first thing you need to consider is the sofa size. For instance, when buying a modular sofa, make sure that it will perfectly fit your living room. Plus, every family member should have a place to sit. For sure, you wouldn’t want to buy a sofa that is too large or too small. To solve this, focus on the width and height of your furniture or sofa. Better yet, you can ask help from a professional to measure the couch you want to buy.

With this, you should also consider the depth of the seats. Is it too deep or shallow? Will the cushion support your back? If considering these questions, there are chances that you’ll find the perfect sofa for your lifestyle. Plus, if you like to nap on a couch, find a modular or fabric sofa long enough for comfortable sleeping.

Consider the Sofa Frame

The upholstery, cushion, or paddings are all replaceable, but the inner frame is not. It is a clear sign that you need to consider the inner frame. Find an inner frame that has the strength to withstand the test of time. Remember that a cheaper sofa has a weaker inner frame.

Some have particleboard, plastic, or metal. However, high-quality sofas have hardwood frames. Now, the legs of the couch or sofa must have screws or dowels for a stronger foundation. Avoid buying a couch or sofa with a glued support. It will deteriorate faster because of a poor foundation.

Hence when looking for sofas like fabric sofa, modular sofa,I-shape sofa, find an inner frame that will support them. With this, you can ensure that your money will be worth the investment.

Examine the Arms

Now that you’ve examined the sofa frame and size, you should also check the arms. Designer furniture with sofa arms must have a sturdy foundation for safety. So, when you lean on them, you can ensure that they will not fall off. Before you buy sofas like a leather sofa or fabric sofa, make sure that you examine the arms as well. To do this, push hard on the arms and see if it is unstable. Therefore, look for a couch or sofa with rock-solid arms that will ensure comfortability and safety.

Check the Springs

When talking about support, springs are also essential. Additionally, there are three levels of springs in a couch or sofa. Of course, the least expensive ones are the least durable. Avoid compromising the quality of designer furniture because of the price. Remember, this is an investment too.

The second one is serpentine springs, which means snaking wire that span the gap through the frame. Most sofas like fabric sofa, modular sofa, I-shape sofa and leather sofa use this type of springs. It is good to support. However, it may deteriorate over some time.

The third one is the luxurious sofa. Most luxurious sofas have eight-way hand-tied springs, which offer comfort. Indeed, luxurious sofas are expensive. However, it provides the best quality that can last for many years. If you do the math, you can save more money by buying a couch or sofa in one go rather than buying over and over again.

Test the Paddings

After checking the foundation of a sofa, you must now test the paddings. The frame and all corners of the couch or sofa should have paddings. This way, you can see that the couch has protection from damages like scratches. To solve this, begin with running your hand all over the sofa. This way, you can test if there are no edges that need paddings. Keep in mind that paddings can enhance the comfortability of using them. If you do this with your fabric sofa,modular sofa,I-shape sofa and leather sofa, you can expect some benefits from it.

  • Better posture
  • Less compression
  • Health benefits for blood circulation and digestion
  • Added comfort
  • More energised

As you can see, there are surprising benefits from paddings. Hence, look for suitable paddings for your sofa for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Check the Upholstery and Cushions

Upholstery and cushions are a way to personalise your sofa or couch. People may think that these are not essentials for your designer future. However, it can add to the overall aesthetic value. Also, when picking your upholstery, consider the interior design. Will it compliment the colour of your room? Does the upholstery fit your personal preferences? Or Will the upholstery make your home look livelier? There are many things to consider before you find the perfect upholstery for your sofa or couch.

It also goes to cushions. Well, your cushions must be resilient and firm. Remember, a high-quality cushion will retain its original shape after you press down on it. Cushions also add to your overall comfort. You can add a cushion as a support when you want to lay down. Hence, before you shop on a sofa sale, include upholstery or cushions on your list.

Consider Your Budget

Most importantly, you consider your budget before shopping for sofas like fabric sofa in Singapore or I-shape sofa in Singapore. With a budget in mind, you will avoid overspending on the wrong products. Before you join an in sofa sale in Singapore, keep in mind that you need to buy the things you only need. It may be tempting to stock on extra upholstery or cushion. However, if you will not use it, it may only wear on your cabinet. Better yet, look for the price online of your furniture in Singapore. This way, you can calculate the total amount you will be spending.

Once you’ve found the perfect sofa, you also need to learn about the proper maintenance of your designer furniture in Singapore. With this, you can ensure that you can use it for a long time. Hence, read in the next section on how to take care of your sofas or couches.


 How to Maintain Your Sofa to Last Longer

The idea of lounging on a soft sofa or cushion after a long day is an inspiring way to know the maintenance of your designer furniture. Can you imagine sitting on a couch or sofa with a stain on last week’s dinner? Well, it may sound embarrassing and gross! Plus, it would feel uncomfortable to sit on a dirty sofa or couch. So, read further to maintain your sofa to enjoy your weekends, rest days or holidays at home.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sun is harmful to your skin, as well as to the furniture or sofa. It can damage the colour of your sofa that makes it look old. When choosing a place to put your fabric sofa or leather sofa, consider a space where it can be safe from the sunlight. If you have no more space, you can use shades or blinds to lessen the direct sunlight. With this, you can ensure that your sofa is safe from the harmful heat of the sun.

Wash Cushions and Upholstery

When you’re away, there are possibilities that dust, dirt or even your pets may stay on your sofa or couch. Hence, it is recommendable to wash cushions or upholstery regularly. To do this, look for items that are washable by a washing machine. In doing so, you protect your stains or unwanted specks of dust. It can also benefit your fabric sofa,modular sofa,I-shape sofa and leather sofa. A clean upholstery or cushion promotes better sofa health, which means it is longer before wearing out. Perhaps, you can even save money by not buying a new sofa from time to time.

Vacuum Regularly

It is also advisable to vacuum regularly. In doing so, you can remove dust, debris or dirt between cushions and other unreachable objects. However, remember to maintain it on a low suction level to prevent damaging your sofa or couch. If you do this to your fabric sofa or a modular sofa, you can expect these benefits:

  • Prevents allergy
  • Eliminate pests
  • Promotes better skin
  • Promote better health for the family
  • Maintain cleanliness

After all, a regular vacuum means you can use your sofa for a longer time. It also indicates that you can save a budget by following a cleaning schedule.

Lift, do not Push

There are times when you need a life change. Maybe, you need to repaint your home, or you need to move. When this happens, remember that you should not push the sofa or couch because it will damage the feet and inner frame. As much as possible, lift the sofa to avoid scratching the fabric skin. To do so, ask help from a family or friend that can move your leather sofa orI-shape sofa. Better yet, you can hire professionals to relocate the designer furniture.

Don’t Sit on the Armrest.

Remember, the armrest is for your arms. It cannot support your whole body. When you make sitting on the armrest a habit, it will deteriorate faster. The armrest cannot maintain the pressure of a heavyweight. Since you have read this, avoid using an armrest as a resting place for your body. You may be reading this article while reading on the armrest of your fabric sofa. Well, it’s time to move that body and sit in the right places. With this effort, you can maintain the quality of your sofa or couch for more years.

Change Cushions

As a habit, you tend to sit in one spot. For this reason, it will cause one side to become more used and worn down. To solve this problem, you can swap or change cushions once in a while to balance the pressure. You can also regularly change the upholstery to maintain the quality of your sofa. In doing so, you can keep the cushions and other items clean and polished.

Avoid Eating on the Sofa

To avoid stains and dirt, you should eat only at the dining table. When eating your favourite snacks, there is a chance that you’ll spill them on the sofa. Well, sofas of any kind like fabric sofa, modular sofa, I-shape sofa and leather sofa should maintain a spotless surface for a sturdier inner-frame.

If you follow all of these, you can be confident that your sofa will stay for years! You can even use it for more than years. With this, you can build a memory with a simple piece of furniture–sofa.


Living a Comfortable Life With Sofas

When you own a house, consider your comfortability for an overall improvement. Your life quality does not always mean achievements, titles, or assets. Sometimes, it’s about living a comfortable life. By investing in simple furniture like a sofa, you can expect to improve your home experience.

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