How to Apply for Permanent Resident Status in Singapore

Millions of people each year fly to different countries to chase after new opportunities. Tourism is only a part of the reason why many foreign nationals desire to fly. Other people desire to stay in their host country for longer periods. A smaller percentage may even desire to apply for PR status in Singapore with the intent of staying in Singapore indefinitely. If they follow this path, they can even become a citizen of the country.

Emigrating to a new country is a downright daunting process that not everyone can achieve. Some people are unable to stand the thought of being away from their home country, in an unfamiliar place with different cultures, languages, and people. To assimilate into a new country, a person has to relearn basic ideas, steps, and directions that people already know. They may have to start over from scratch and build an entirely new social circle. They may have had to lose old friends and go no-contact for many months with their relatives. There is a high chance that these people will leave behind their old possessions.

Reasons why people desire to emigrate to Singapore

Because of the hardships of migration, many people might grapple with the idea of going to live in a country long-term. The initial difficulties, pressure, and learning curve that foreign nationals will experience aren’t an experience that everyone will know about. The heavy sacrifices may not seem like they’re worth it for many people. But what people don’t know is that while emigrating is a high risk, it is also a high reward.

Singapore is one of the powerhouses of Asia, economically speaking. Here are a few reasons to choose to apply for PR or citizenship status in Singapore.

  • Endless educational opportunities
  • Burgeoning industrial, tech, and service industries
  • Well-paying jobs and career opportunities
  • Great investment options that can pay off
  • Modern lifestyle and infrastructure

Should you decide that you want to make Singapore your permanent home, you can submit a PR application in Singapore. This will grant you a PR status and offer you benefits that other foreign nationals do not have. And should you wish to settle in Singapore, gaining this status is the first step toward becoming a naturalised citizen.

Tips for increasing the chances of your PR application success


The road to becoming a Singaporean citizen is not an easy one. There are two separate application processes you need to complete unless you fulfil certain criteria that allow you to bypass one. For many foreign nationals, they must first become a permanent resident.

A permanent resident (or PR) status is a legal status granted by the government to foreign nationals. It’s a legal status that might not be citizenship but grants many rights. It includes the right to reside within the country, enter and exit the country freely, and not have to file for work, travel, or student visas.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals live in Singapore, but only a few are granted PR status. If you’re planning to apply, note these tips for increasing your chances of success.

1) Consult a professional from a trusted immigration consultancy. An immigration firm can assist you with PR application-related matters. Since they have experience dealing with hundreds of applications from different backgrounds, they can point out ways to increase the chances of your success. Consulting a PR application agency in Singapore allows you to get a professional view of your situation. They’ll also guide you through the process and advise how to increase your chances of a successful application.

2) Acquire proof of your accolades and other evidence that can strengthen your case. Singapore prizes the addition of skilled and talented people to their country. Your resources, skills, and contributions give them a powerful incentive to let you live and work there. When putting together your application, you might want to compile the work you’ve accomplished in Singapore and how you’ve made the country a better place. You’ll be more likely to be considered for PR status.

3) Don’t leave room for minor errors in your application. Check and double-check your documents before you apply for PR in Singapore. Minor errors in your application can delay the process, or worse, get your application rejected. On another note, if your application is full of errors, it may show officials that you did not take the application process seriously. Leave no room for errors when filling out any forms.

4) Don’t forget any required documents when submitting your application. You can use different routes when filing for PR status. Each type of applicant has different documentation requirements that need to be submitted for the application. Double-check your documents before completing your submission. Any errors will likely get your application denied. Check out the documents required for Singapore PR on official government websites.

5) Wait until you have resided in Singapore for at least a year. While most are only required to submit at least 6 months’ worth of evidence of their length of stay in Singapore, residing in the country for at least a year can greatly increase one’s odds. The longer the length of stay in the country, the more you prove that you intend to make Singapore your permanent home.

Follow these simple steps, and you can ensure you’ve done all that you can to increase your chances of PR status approval. Other factors such as family ties, age, and qualifications may not be changed, but these simple steps can help you lower your risk. Take your application seriously, as rejected applicants may need to wait for months before re-submission.

Singapore Immigration Partners assists foreign nationals in settling and assimilating into the country. If you wish to submit an application for PR in Singapore, reach out to them via their website.