Four Factors that Will Affect Your Car Accident Injury Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident, you want to seek compensation for your injuries and property damage. However, you may not be aware of the factors that can make or break your claim. Fortunately, an experienced Car Accident Lawyer Grand Junction can determine the worth of your claim. The following are factors that can affect your claim:

The Nature and Severity of Your Injuries

The kind of injuries you suffer will help determine the amount of compensation you deserve. Insurance providers and judges often offer higher awards for catastrophic injuries that have a permanent impact on the life of the victim. For instance, a spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis will get a higher settlement than a broken leg. 

Moreover, a serious traumatic brain injury or TBI also affects the value of a claim since it affects all aspects of a person’s life. These aspects include a victims’ ability to work, perform household tasks, and take part in daily activities they enjoy. TBI can result from car accidents. 

Your Medical Expenses

Insurance carriers consider the kind of medical treatment you get, the length of your treatment, and the costs associated with your treatment. For example, if you sustained a broken arm, your treating physician may require you to undergo outpatient therapy for a certain period. You can include the related expense in your insurance claim. Just make sure to follow your doctor’s orders and get treated by a health care expert your doctor recommends. Car insurance companies may deny your claim if you choose your therapist and get the treatment the company deems unnecessary.

Contributory Negligence

Colorado follows modified comparative negligence, which reduces your compensation award based on the percentage of your negligence. Under this law, you cannot receive compensation for your injuries if you have been at least 50% responsible for the accident. This means that the other driver will be ready to point the finger. Consulting a lawyer can help you further understand this law and how it could impact your case. 

What You Do After the Accident

What you do after the car crash will play a significant role in establishing consistency and supporting the serious impact of your injury on your life. Should the insurance provider think you failed to take the right steps to show the severity of your injuries, it may decrease the value of your claim or deny it. Thus, you must see a doctor right after a car accident. If you hesitate to seek immediate medical treatment, the insurance company may believe your injuries were not as serious as you stated in the claim.