Five Things That You Must Know About Jewelry Shop Theft

As a jewelry shop owner, you must know that thieves can always be active during holidays. It is very easy for them to blend in with rest of the crowd who are shopping and also looking for certain special gift.

As the jewelry store thefts are increasing nowadays, the entire staff must be extra vigilant to prevent crime which can possibly go unnoticed.

Keep following five things in your mind so that any of pearl engagement rings that you have put on display may not be shop lifted.

Jewelry store thefts may come in numerous forms

As we think about theft normally it occurs in our mind as sneak or grab-and-run thefts. However, criminals nowadays have devised many new ways of stealing.

Nowadays in this internet age, people can indulge in cyber theft, credit card fraud, certain internal theft many new innovative ways to steal your jewelry.

The frequency of checking physical inventory matters

It is certainly not possible to do complete stock checking on daily basis however it is necessary to increase the frequency at least for expensive items.

Following are few things that you must remember while conducting stock checking:

Change the timings of day while counting.

Engage more than 1 person to avoid an internal theft.

Rotate the ones to be observed.

An educated staff will be the best defense

Since the thieves are becoming too innovative in finding new ways to steal the item hence it will be nice if your staff are also educated about these, time to time so that they can remain alert and prevent such burglary.

Hiring extra security may be useful

Besides having your own staff for selling you must also hire good number of security staff too who may keep strict eyes on all your jewelry. They must also be provided with latest security appliances to make them more effective.


The chances of grab-and-run thefts are increasing

Since the cases of theft is increasing day by day as per the recent Annual Crime Report; and hence jewellers need to be more vigilant during evening hours. Various training is also offered to remain vigilant during such situation.