Filing a no-fault divorce in Utah? You may want a lawyer

Utah allows for both no-fault or fault divorces. If you want to ease the whole process, a no-fault divorce is your best option, as long as you and your spouse can resolve the important issues amicably. In case of a no-fault divorce, you can state ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the ground for the divorce, and it should be enough. There is no law that states that you need a lawyer to file for divorce in Utah. So, if you are filing for a no-fault divorce, why would want to hire a lawyer? In this post, we are sharing more on a why hiring a Sandy divorce lawyer is important for your case. 

Know your circumstances better

Where there is no blame game, the divorce should be easy for both people involved. However, there are important things to discuss and settle before you can complete the proceedings. For instance, do you qualify for spousal support? Do you want the custody of your kids? If yes, what do you expect in child support? The entire course of your divorce is all about important decisions, and it makes sense to know your rights. An experienced divorce lawyer can give you a fair idea of what to expect from the process, and more importantly, your rights and interests. 

Mediation with your spouse 

Just because your spouse agrees to the divorce doesn’t mean they will agree on everything. At times, things like child custody becomes a battle of emotions, and if there is no one to mediate and negotiate, the matter will eventually end up in court. To simplify the divorce and get help with mediation, you must get an attorney on your side. You should also consider hiring an attorney if you spouse has hired someone. 

Handling the paperwork

While divorce is not just about paperwork, the formalities can be overwhelming. You need a divorce lawyer, so that they can take care of everything. When you need to draft a separation agreement, your attorney will help with that, and they can discuss and talk to your spouse’s lawyer to streamline the divorce. 

Hiring a divorce lawyer is about minimizing your work and stress in the process. If you are not on talking terms with your spouse, your lawyer can take the talks ahead and ensure that the matter gets resolved sooner. A no-fault uncontested divorce is the simplest and cheapest way to end a marriage in Utah.