Elqin maps logistics blueprint

Integrity, dependability and flexibility are pillars on which we have erected built our order fulfillment business. This triad of principles sustains and contributes to Elqin’s longevity in the industry.

We are experts in logistics and third-party shipping. We have the experience, knowledge and the technical savvy to help our customers go after their business goals. And as a long-established business we have the tools and resources, and even created the blueprint, to ensure that our customers succeed.

“No one does logistics better than us,” Elqin states on its website at Elqin.com. “As a trendsetter, we have other companies following our footsteps. Our commitment to service and stewardship towards our customers is unmatched.”

Proactive approach

We come at issue-solving like a battering ram. We charge in and solve any complex logistic challenge. But we don’t wait for the issue to appear before we take action.

 Elqin is proactive. We have instituted Advanced Protocols to address logistic issues, one in a set of wide-ranging approaches to make our operation more efficient. These protocols are developed to save time and money as well as augment our resources. The result is a reduction in the loss of assets, an increase in revenue and profit and a massive increase in the number of satisfied customers.

We also transformed our inventory management system with a similar proactive mindset. We brought in cutting-edge technology and equipment to monitor our inventory. But we paired that automation with visual inspection and monitoring of our staff.

Customers come first

We don’t compromise when it comes to our customers’ needs and success when we evaluate and create solutions to logistics issues.

“Our order fulfillment accuracy rate is near-perfect,” state Elqin on its website. Heine Incorporated is the legal owner of Elqin.com. Our goal is to ensure your experience is exemplary and you will continue to do business with us.

Our protocols have cut our processing time and we are more efficient. We continue to meet or exceed industry standard as we constantly take steps to become even better.

Elqin’s notification protocol makes it easier and quicker to connect with customers. It does not matter the level of business a customer does with us. We treat each customer with respect and provide them with quality service.

Our client list is global, with different time zones posing challenges, but we accommodate everyone. Customers with questions can call, email, chat, or fax us at any time. When a customer contacts us after regular business hours, we respond to them the next business day in the order we receive those messages.

Plans that work

We have established contingency plans in our order fulfillment process that save our clients time and money. They include:

  • Clients providing instructions for specific scenarios ahead of time
  • Elqin identifying situations that apply to your business needs and helping you develop your action plans
  • Internal processes we in cases of power outages and downed communications.

These protocols give us the flexibility to offer our clients the lowest industry shipping rates, saving them money they can invest in creating their products. We can consolidate multiple packages or deliveries and wait to ship them at a lesser cost.