Nowadays, wherever we study whether it is schools or colleges or any institution we are taught a tad of management skills, or personality development but there are big companies who are providing services are based on the core principle of human behavior and ethics which can take the form of customer relationship management also abbreviated as CRM.

Focusing on customer needs, behavior analysis by direct interaction by encroaching into the sales services or any forecasting, or any service analysis. The whole concept revolves around the principle of retention of customers i.e.; they come back to the firm for any further aid in the future. This field is a source of growth which can be used as a strategy or a process or a technology.

There are software which is developed for performing the same, so these technologically diversified software do a very global job, if anytime any firm wants to get into any business relationship with any other firm, these technical items will provide you the details of that company, the records of company are kept and stored under the software, this is basically acquired through their performance in the market, information from the social media profile. For better customer relationship, 360-degree information is kept so it can be used when required by any client company or any individual. There are many firms which deal into this and sample of CRM [crm ตัวอย่าง, which are the term in Thai] can be seen there that how these companies maintain their customer relationship management.


CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is important because a big multinational company has got many work areas and it is difficult to assess every area each day like a company can have a sales department, finance department, legal department and so on. CRM maintains the record of all these work areas and helps in assessment for the parent company and the subsidiary company or any new company who in any case, wants to invest in that company. Therefore, this helps us know the present and the past status and whether it is worth investing in that company or maintain a business relationship with the company in the future.