Bafler has your mail

Delivering mail should not be a monumental challenge, no matter the location of your mailbox.

At Bafler, we make the job of collecting and forwarding mail and packages, domestically or globally, as easy as logging into your computer. And we make it simple from the start.

All our clients who want their mails sent to a specific address need do is fill out a standard form on our website at, which is owned by Transport Express Inc. The document is easy to fill out. And for those individuals who need help with the questions can access our step-by-step instruction. Our company has provided all the answers you need on our website.

Important service

Mail forwarding has grown to become a valuable service, especially for international online shoppers. These global consumers can make purchases from U.S. retailers and have these goods sent to the address Bafler gives them when they sign up for our service. We collect your mail and bundle them in one package then forward it at significant savings.

Families with multiple homes globally can use the service to get mail sent to any address. Your families and friends can also save money by using the address we provide to save on postage.

International businesses also use our mail forwarding service to establish a presence in the United States. Having these U.S. addresses make shoppers more comfortable with doing business with them. And U.S. businesses with multiple offices domestically also use our mail forwarding service to save money. They do not have to take an employee off his regular job to drive around picking up mail and packages from other locations.

How it works

Once clients sign up for our mail forwarding services, we give them a U.S. address. They also receive access to a platform that allows them to customize their service profile and make adjustments when necessary. Once that is done, we will automatically forward your mail. And you will also be able to outline instructions for unique circumstances. As our client, you can set up any preferences for the carrier and shipping method.

Bafler does not prohibit any items. But some carriers have a list of restrictions that we follow. Law enforcement agencies also ban some products. Our clients must make sure that any shipments they expect to receive meet those legal guidelines.

We make sure that the mail and packages we gather for you are protected. Bafler will photograph each package and forward the images to your account before processing and sending them to you.

“We do not open the packages and mail we receive,” as we point out on our website at Clients, however, can request that we open an item for them to inspect or verify its contents. Our staff also scans documents and forward these images for you to review.

Bafler also will not handle or forward junk mail that comes to us. Junk mail addressed to you are discarded. We, however, will not charge you for any junk mail that we throw out.

And we make the process easy for clients who want to end their mail forwarding service. All they have to do is cancel through the customer portal that we offer. If you are canceling your service because of a problem, please contact us first before making a final decision. We want the opportunity to address the issue and make any corrections.