Axtelis improves profit with speeds

The final stretch of getting an online purchase in the hands of the consumer is a component of the 3rd party shipping and order fulfillment industry that can worry service suppliers. And there is reason to be concerned because a speedy delivery means staying in business.

Delivering the packages to their destinations in record time is a marketing bonanza that attracts more customers and solidifies long-term loyalty.

Axtelis, an order fulfillment and company that also offers 3rd party shipping, is one company making sure deliveries are always on time. To that end, the company, which is owned by NTI, employs technology, staff, and advanced protocols to streamline its operation, reducing the amount of time it takes to get an order to customers.

The company uses a transportation management system (TMS) to help eliminate obstacles that might hamper a speedy delivery. The system allows Axtelis to issue last-minute changes to delivery and pick-up schedules. These real-time changes save time and money.

The company, which has an online presence at, also helps business owners gain speed in their operations. The company speeds up the process by:

  • Picking up qualified inventory from clients the following day if business clients are too busy.
  • Collecting product containers early if they are ready before stated deadlines.
  • Setting up advanced protocols to help reduce the loss of inventory. These protocols include contingency plans for unexpected situations and save time.

Timely delivery

Making deliveries on time is also the driving force of other 3rd party shipping companies. Across the industry, these service providers offer a variety of ways to speed up delivery times.

Ship7, which provides shipping services to online shopping in the United States and the United Kingdom, fulfills orders in 24 hours. And as soon as packages are received, they are consolidated into one box and shipped to the home address.

Packages handled by Shop & Ship for overseas shipment are stored in a locker system. The packages are kept in lockers for 3 days for customers. To gain access, a member must enter a phone number and PIN, or scan a code to collect their packages.

Some items can take much longer to get to customers. While Shop & Ship ships batteries from the U.S., it faces some restrictions on amount and destinations. Customers have to wait up to 15 days to get the batteries.

MyUS offers what it calls the faster shipping in the business. It ships thousands of packages every daily, and its global carriers deliver packages to its warehouse many times during the day. “This means that, unlike smaller shippers, we don’t ever have to wait for a delivery or pick-up,” the company says.

MyUS uses a multi-station shipping system to streamline the delivery process and meet the speedy shipping experience it promises. They include:

  • Making sure packages leave the company warehouse within 24 hours.
  • Inputting information on packages into online accounts 7 days a week.
  • Shipping packages around the globe 6 days a week.
  • Making sure packages are delivered worldwide in 2 to 4 days, once they leave the company facilities.