A Quick Guide to How I Chose my Universal Wall Charger

A Quick Guide to How I Chose my Universal Wall Charger

Most brands release phones and other gadgets without a boxed adapter to minimise plastic and electronic waste. Furthermore, choosing the best fast charger for smartphones and other devices has always been challenging. The various charging standards, cable kinds, and brand-specific terms also do not help limit our options. Many products, such as power converters and portable power strips, can satisfy the charging needs of my gadgets while on the road. However, what about if I were to travel to another country? It is the reason I opted for a universal wall charger for my devices.

2 Factors I Considered

Here are two factors I considered when choosing a wall charger that meets my every need.

#1 Voltage

I did not have to worry about not getting a power brick with the correct voltage and current. The universal wall charger I bought can regulate the power that goes into my gadgets regardless of the voltage of the socket you plug in. Many universal chargers with built-in adapters, so you can insert them into any socket.

#2 Charging Stations

I wanted a universal wall charger that accommodates multiple gadgets at a time. I use my phone and laptop constantly throughout the day. Hence, there are times I need to charge them at the same time. The universal fast charger I found accommodates up to three USB-C gadgets and a USB-A device. I did not have to wait for one gadget to finish charging before I could plug in the next. It lets me seamlessly go through my day and stay connected.

The Advantages of Universal Chargers

Universal chargers offered me various advantages that brand chargers do not. For starters, the universal wall charger I bought is much less expensive than brand chargers. Most universal charger options are more inexpensive than the original model when the charger that came with my devices broke down and stopped working.

Here are four other advantages a universal fast charger offered me:

  • They are more replaceable.
  • They can charge many devices at a time.
  • They work with various electrical gadgets from most electronic brands.
  • They are for speedier charging of your devices.

The Advantages of Universal Chargers

Other Considerations to Remember

However, there are other things to remember before buying a universal wall charger. There is the issue of compatibility. I also checked with the manufacturer of my devices. I asked for specifications to verify if the model was compatible with the charger that came with my devices. Know what you will use it for in your daily routine. If you want to use it to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other comparable devices, I suggest buying a universal fast charger with USB ports. It is the best and safest option. Keep an eye on the voltage – some versions include an intelligent charging mechanism that detects the voltage required by each device. Other variants require manual voltage adjustment. The model I got detects the required voltage. Hence, I didn’t have to worry about overloading my gadgets and damaging their components.

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