A Digital Age Of Communication: The Emojis Have Taken Over

Many new inventions have changed the way the world works, but not many of them reshaped how society communicates with one another. This is amazing because no one ever thought that a set of icons created in the late ’90s would be the centerpiece of modern-day communication.

Professionals, students, even older people, are now starting to understand and make use of Emojis. One way or another, most people should have already encountered emojis in their lives at this point because of it being introduced to famous smartphones almost a decade ago. Emojis tend to make things easier for people from all walks to convey their feelings efficiently and adequately, a revolutionary innovation indeed.

You will find that there are many aspects to this. Not only does it matter, but people must also understand the aesthetics and graphical benefits and the connection it brings to others on a digital yet emotional level.

Humor In Different Shades

The proper use of emojis is also beneficial for making quality content online and offline, and some nifty variations in their colors also help express different emotions. Take the Heart emoji. A blue one could mean something different from the red one. That’s genius because communication has never been that versatile since the invention of smartphones.

Flag emojis are useful when used correctly. For example, using the American flag emoji to support a post about the American dream can boost a profile to fame with the right amount of advertising. Over Exaggeration is not an issue when using these little picture characters for personal use.

Certain face emojis also have different color tones for people of different cultures. You can go from Asian to American when choosing the right colored smiling emoji. That’s very convenient for people who want to be very specific with ethnicity related topics.

Most people wouldn’t bother with changing the color of their emojis, but if you think about it, a darker colored emoji could be the difference between getting a relationship and getting dumped. That’s something worth thinking about.

Pixelated Ambiguity

However, the use of emojis isn’t without its drawbacks, as there isn’t any real method to be as accurate and precise as one would want in conveying a message. These cute little characters are sometimes interpreted differently across different cultures, and as of the moment, there’s no way to counteract this without using wordy paragraphs.

The teary-eyed laughing emoji was the most used in 2015, and even then, some people would use it for different purposes all around the globe. You can use it to insult someone, ridicule them, or genuinely have a good laugh together.

Occasionally, emojis are abused too, and when the previous design for the Gun emoji was an actual firearm, criminals and violence-oriented posts on social media were trending 24/7. Apple decided to change that and replaced the original design to a water gun, a smart “business” move.

Anonymity In Style and Concerning Factors

Emojis are now also being used to substitute profile pictures, usernames, and even phonebook entries. This is important because there were fewer icons to choose from during the first few iterations of the emoji packs. There are around 3,000+ emojis in the Unicode Standard in the year 2019.

If you think about how emojis have always had a complex socio-cultural impact on our history, digital speech has never been this humanely diverse. It is also intimidating to think about how the future would look for the internet when these small, visually yet very accurate human language representations become more sophisticated.

However, certain measures need to be taken so that there isn’t any misuse because the first thing that human intelligence does with something is how it can abuse its power. That’s not even counting the number of times an emoji has sparked conflict because of misinterpretation.

In A Nutshell 

No matter what kind of purpose you have for using them, emojis aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. They have even begun to find solace beyond the tiny screens of smartphones and have recently made it into a feature film in the cinema. An ordinary person would only see this amusing, but this is a milestone from a technological standpoint.

Freedom of speech has always been an issue, but with emojis’ arrival and evolution, society has learned to accept everyone’s own two cents. Japan deserves all the credit for nurturing engineers that create these kinds of inventions.

Human society is treading in an era of scientific marvel, discovery, and innovation. The time is ripe for you to explore the digital age of communication and see what emoji you can utilize to convey your messages. With that being said, it’s time to pick your phone and think real hard about what emoji you’re going for in that first message.