5 things that are not allowed to be kept in a storage unit

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Storage units can be some of the best investments, whether you are looking for business storage or storage for your personal things. They’re often big enough to manage large amounts of furniture and belongings to be kept securely for an extended period of time. The trouble with storage units often comes when people put things in theirs that really don’t belong. When you book a storage unit with a company like Henfield Storage, you need to state that you understand what shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit and you should stick to it. It’s vital that you follow the rules; otherwise, you are making the area unsafe for everyone! Let’s take a look at five things that you shouldn’t be keeping storage unit at any time.

Perishable Food

It’s one thing to hoard tins of beans, but you should never keep perishable foods in your storage unit. Perishable food will expire quickly, and when that happens, the mould process begins. You are also risking spills in your storage unit, and when that happens, and the food rots, it’s going to attract vermin. Food that rots in a storage unit creates a stench that will make the environment for others feel toxic. No food in the units and you’ll avoid pests!

Flammable/Combustible Materials

Materials that are flammable are dangerous to store in a storage unit. If the temperature in your storage unit increases and unexpectedly gets very high, you could put those materials at risk of explosion or catching fire. This doesn’t only affect you and your belongings, but those of other people. It also puts the entire building at risk of being burnt out. Not ideal!

Toxic Material

Biological waste, acid, fertilisers, cleaning equipment – it all may seem like a good idea to store at the time, but it can put the entire storage unit and the building at risk. Products that are hazardous – like asbestos can also cause life-threatening diseases like lunch cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It’s always best to check with your storage unit manager as to whether something you are storing is hazardous. 

Animals Or Plants

A storage unit is not the place to keep living things given that there are no windows or free doors to roam in and out of all day. Animals and plants both need access to fresh air and storage units are not known for being filed with that! With animals, not only do they require somewhere to go to the bathroom, they need regular food and human contact, and it’s not ideal to keep them somewhere away from all of that. Otherwise, you create a hazardous environment for them, which is entirely unfair. 

Radioactive Items

With exposure to radioactivity, there is a high risk of cancer developing. It’s best to keep the radioactive materials out of the storage unit so that you don’t put other people at risk just for storage purposes. Radioactive materials aren’t isolated in storage units as radiation can pass through metal and concrete!